El trabajo de una bibliotecaria en una prisión norteamericana

La experiencia de una bibliotecaria norteaméricana. Afirma que el trabajo en la prisión fue el más gratificante; que fue testigo de la transformación de la mayoría de los individuos que llegaban a la prisión como “tipos malos” y que luego de dos o tres años empezaron a hacer uso de las oportunidades educativas, las actitudes cambiaban y el deseo de información se incrementó. Fue entrevistada por el Washington Post. En este post, publicamos su foto y abajo un regalo y una carta enviada por un ex-detenido en donde le agradece con una bandera y unas palabras la ayuda de la bibliotecaria en el encierro carcelario.

Prison Librarian Retires

Sounds dramatic to use Shakespeare’s  “Parting is such sweet sorrow’ but that sort of sums up my sentiments on September 30, when I retired as Coordinator for the Correctional Education Libraries.   I have worked in public, school, special, broadcasting, and prison libraries.  In this long and varied library career, the latter has been the most rewarding.
Why?  I witnessed transformation in majority of the individuals who arrived in prison as bad guys and gals.  Within 2 to 3 years as they began to make use of the educational opportunities in the prisons,  I saw attitudes change and the desire for information increase.  The library was the central source in the quest for knowledge.
As an active member of the Maryland Library Association, I will continue to advocate for library service to prisoners, and am willing to do training with interested groups.  The following is an article that was written by Mike Rosenwald of the Washington PostMy colleagues came me a clock, now that I am no longer doing time

Prisoner’s Feedback

 The Washington Post article    reminded me of my  archive of stuff(last accessed about 8 years ago when I was getting rid of accumulated papers).   Among them was my occasional  prison  journal, and the appreciative  notes prisoners sent me even after I left the system.  Inmates used scraps of paper or cardboard boxes to write notes or  to make greeting cards.  Two years after I left the state prison libraries to return to public libraries, I received a package at the library address. Contents- a beautiful drawing of the Jamaican flag glued on cardboard.  Attached to the card was a note from another prisoner.   The artist always insisted that I should not call him an inmate.  He was a ” prisoner”.    The back side of the note  was a typewritten directive from the captain’s office.  – December 24, 1993-  PASS LIST FOR VOLLEY BALL GAME.  … Please allow the below listed men to report to the gym when called for…. I had no idea what the Washington Post Interview would be about, so I went into my prison file, and pulled out this one – from 1994!!!


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